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The monoset components are made of selective materials under strict quality control. These are suitable for motors and Pumps.

These pumpsets are available from 0.5 HP to 2.0 HP in single-phase configuration.

Applications :

  • Domestic water supply
  • general water service
  • storage tank filling
  • lawn & garden watering
  • Water circulating systems
  • Industrial water supply
  • small farm irrigation etc.

Important Notes :

  • Maximum efficiency in wide range of operating heads.
  • High quality mechanical seals are used for smooth running, effective sealing and minimum power loss.
  • Ball bearing are of adequate size to take heavy thrust and radial loads and give prolonged trouble free life.
  • The motor drive is squirrel cage induction type, 2800 RPM, designed for 160V / 240V single phase, 50 cycles Ac power supply.
  • Increased bearing life with dynamically balanced rotor and impeller.
  • Increased hydraulic efficiency with optimum design of impellers and casings.
  • Comparatively low temperature rise of coils and bearings due to effective cooling.
  • Compact in design and has back pull out construction for easy maintenance.
  • The impeller is made up of bronze / high grace Cl material. The shafts are of high-tensile steel and stainless steel.
  • Windings are impregnated and with ‘B’ class insulation and┬ácomply with IS:9079 requirements read with IS:996
  • Even under low voltage conditions the pump operates.