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0.5HP Deepwell JET Pumps

The Jet pumps have AC single phase 160/240 Volts, 50 Hz capacitor start and run 2880 RPM, TEFC/SPDP motors, The pumpsets conform to the requirements of IS : 12225. Dynamic balancing of rotor assembly and impeller ensure longer life for bearing and seals. Close grained cast iron casing in used. Mechanic al seal is fitted over the shaft and the shaft is ground to close tolerances. High quality capacitors are used to ensure trouble free  peration. Both single and multi stage versions are available.
The cast iron pressure regulator valve is adjusted to works the pump efficiently even against greater depths and to give maximum flow. All control  valves are tested for frictional losses and hydrostatic test for leakage. All jet monoblock  pumps are tested as per IS: 12225 Standard.

Applications :

  • Domestic Purpose 
  • small farms 
  • Gardens Hotels Small Industries 
  • Drinking Water Supply.

Standard Accessories :

  • Pressure gauge 
  • pressure Regulating valve
  • Jet Assembly.

Important Notes

  • Use quality pipes with ISI mark.
  • Pipe size should be used as recommended
    Reduce number of bends and elbows.
  • Over loading will be avoided if the pump is installed according to our recommended head with a minimum submergence of 1.5 mtr for jet unit.
  • Pump should not be operated dry.


Model : J0532S

Body Type : Aluminum


* marked pumpsets are ISI licenced