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0.75HP Monoblock Pumps

The monoset components are made of selective materials under strict quality control. These are suitable for motors and Pumps.

These pumpsets are available from 0.5 HP to 2.0 HP in single-phase configuration.

Applications :

  • Domestic water supply
  • general water service
  • storage tank filling
  • lawn & garden watering
  • Water circulating systems
  • Industrial water supply
  • small farm irrigation etc.

Important NotesĀ 

  • Use ISI marked quality pipes.
  • Proper size of pipes should be installed as specified in nameplate.
  • Reduce number of bends and elbows in the pipeline.
  • The pump should be run for a few minutes atleast once in 2 days to prevent the pump from seizure due to rust build-up.
  • Muddy water will damage the pump. Use strainer at the bottom end of the suction pump.
  • Ensure that the pump does not run dry to avoid damage to mechanical seal and impellers.

0.75HP 1X1 M/B

Model : S0725

Body Type : Costing


* marked pumpsets are ISI licenced